An analysis of the high culture

Entering a High or Low Context Situation The general terms "high context" and "low context" popularized by Edward Hall are used to describe broad-brush cultural differences between societies. High context refers to societies or groups where people have close connections over a long period of time. Many aspects of cultural behavior are not made explicit because most members know what to do and what to think from years of interaction with each other.

An analysis of the high culture

These culture systems have been recognized to more accurately simulate a cells natural environment than standard monolayer cultures on a flat substrate. Therefore, cells in high-density culture conditions are expected to exhibit responses against chemical treatments that closely resemble responses of tissues in vivo.

General homogeneous assay protocols originally developed for monolayer culture can be applicable to these high-density culture systems with minor modifications. However, for microscopy and other image-based assays, there are significant obstacles to overcome when applying conventional image analysis protocols to high-density cultures.

The optical architectures of most microscope-coupled research instruments do not capture light based information throughout the entire thickness cell aggregates due to depth-of-field limitations. In addition, image-analysis software optimized for monolayer cell culture are not able to perform cell-by-cell object recognition and resulting quantification.

Here we show a set of examples with an ultra-high density HepG2 hepatocellular carcinoma cell culture to explain how the CQ1 can capture clear images from entire thickness of a cell layer three-dimensionally. Additionally, we will show how the CQ1 can analyze cell responses against chemical treatment, on a cell-by-cell basis.

The protocol on this note has a potential applications for analyses of various high-density cultures, including three dimensional cell culture conditions. Images of highly dense HepG2 cultures and nuclear contouring. Non-treated a or staurosporine M for 48 h treated c cells.

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Bound primary antibodies were visualized with fluorescently labelled secondary antibodies. Cell nuclei were stained with Draq7 in the presence of RNaseA. Results and discussions An ultra high-density HepG2 cell culture was created and cell-by-cell analysis was carried out by the CQ1 to evaluate cell responses against staurosporine, a hepatotoxic chemical.

Two molecular markers, H3Ser10P cell growth and active caspase-3 apoptosis were selected for immunofluorescent labelling.

An analysis of the high culture

Non-treated a or staurosporine treated b cells were fluorescently immunostained with anti-H3Ser10P magenta and anti-active caspase-3 green. Cell nuclei were stained with Draq7 gray. The proportions of the growing or dead cell populations were evaluated quantitatively. On each scatter plot, 1X events were plotted.

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At the same time, some outcome-oriented companies may have such a high drive for outcomes and measurable performance objectives that they may suffer negative consequences. Risk Analysis: An International Characteristics of Organizational Culture by University of Minnesota is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.


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Gans argues in favor of all peoples' right to the. The general terms "high context" and "low context" (popularized by Edward Hall) are used to describe broad-brush cultural differences between societies.

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