An overview of the costa rican government

The rainy season, also known as the green season, runs from May until early December with April and November being months of transition. During the rainy season, mornings are usually sunny, with afternoon storms moving in later in the day.

An overview of the costa rican government

Its government is popular, representative, alternative and responsible, exercised by three supreme powers which are distinct and independent of each other: This tribunal is in charge exclusively of organizing, directing and supervising all acts concerning suffrage.

The President and Vice presidents are elected every four years by direct vote of all citizens over 18 years.

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There have been uninterrupted elections since the promulgation of the current Constitution in The current President is Mr.

Epsy Campbell Barr and Mr. Alvarado Quesada and the Vice presidents took office on May 8th for the following four years. The 57 deputies form the Legislative Assembly.

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The current Constitution establishes that Costa Rican people delegate in the Legislative Assembly the power to legislate, which is its main function. The current President of the Legislative Assembly is Ms.

Carolina Hidalgo Herrera, who took office on May 1st for a single-year period as established by law. The political parties currently represented in the Legislative Assembly are:The Costa Rican Investigative Police (OIJ) is responsible for investigating and prosecuting crimes that occur in Costa Rica.

To file a police report: Visit the local office of the OIJ. You can find the closest location by calling These challenges affect the basic pillars of the Costa Rican development model: inclusion, growth, and sustainability. The government has strived to address these problems and is committed to an inclusive society that guarantees the welfare of its people, supported by .

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Costa Rica Government

Get details on local transportation, banking, holidays and the weather. Check out our reader-recommended travel tips and useful Costa Rican slang and idioms, or read about the country's modern communication system. The Costa Rican government and its laws encourage direct foreigninvestment.

An overview of the costa rican government

This attitude is shared by the two major political parties and has been implemented actively since the early eighties. Also, the improvement of conditions destined to attract foreign companies has been the trademark for . Costa Rica's governmental body and cabinet members.

A Guide to the United States’ History of Recognition, Diplomatic, and Consular Relations, by Country, since Costa Rica Summary Costa Rica was originally part of the United Provinces of Central America, which had separated from Mexico in

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