Blasphemy law in pakistan essay

Since then, these laws have been used to terrorize the minorities of Pakistan, particularly Christians. These blasphemy laws severely limit the freedom of speech and assembly of non-Muslim people i. Christians, Hindus, Bheels, Maingwals, Sikhs etc.

Blasphemy law in pakistan essay

The assassination of Taseer will surely silence many moderate voices and further intimidate the government. The latest crisis began when a Christian Pakistani woman, Aasia Noreen, was accused of blasphemy, with witnesses claiming she insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

Taseer, who was publicly seeking a pardon for Noreen, came under threat from some religious leaders for doing so and for standing up for other minorities like the Ahmadis, a Muslim denomination which is often persecuted for its unorthodox beliefs. Last week, thousands of people, instigated by religious parties and imams, took to the streets to demand that Noreen be executed.

And though human rights activists and many Muslim scholars have come out and condemned this development, the government is afraid to pardon her and repeal the law, especially after the killing of Taseer last week.

Misuse of the blasphemy law Two issues are once again highlighted by this episode. First is the issue of capital punishment for crimes of speech and thought labelled as blasphemy, a punishment that runs counter to the Islamic ideals of compassion and mercy.

In many cases, the blasphemy law is misused by Muslims to exact revenge against religious minorities and other fellow Muslims by falsely accusing them of blasphemy. The frequency and blatancy with which these laws are abused are justification enough for their repeal.

These laws, though created in the name of Islam, really have no place in Islam and hardly any Muslim-majority country applies them. Pakistan is a rare exception.

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Religious clerics often use it to gain quick fame and popularity amongst their followers at the expense of defenceless people like Noreen. It seems that for some of us, compassion and mercy have become un-Islamic virtues.

For example, according to a very popular hadith, a non-Muslim woman used to throw garbage at the Prophet Muhammad whenever he passed by her house.

Neither he — nor any of his companions — took any action against her. One day, when she did not appear as usual to throw garbage at the Prophet, he went to her home and asked after her.

Indeed, the Koran even tells of such instances and does not call for the death of those aggressors.

Blasphemy laws and human rights of religious minorities in Pakistan

After all, tolerance and compassion can have no disastrous consequences; it is hate and violence that often trigger unending cycles of the same. The Koran says that God sent Muhammad as a mercy to all of humanity. How can we convince Aasia Noreen in Pakistan that this is indeed true?Oct 02,  · The blasphemy laws.

Pakistan’s Penal Code includes five Sections commonly known as blasphemy laws.

Blasphemy law in pakistan essay

Sections B, C, A, B and C, were made part of this Code, between and , mainly through Presidential Orders by Gen. Zia Ulhaq. Jul 10,  · Islamabad, Pakistan, Jul 10, / pm (CNA/EWTN News).- A candidate for prime minister in Pakistan’s upcoming general election has defended the country’s controversial blasphemy laws.

Chapter 9 Question 2 Trace the origin of the law of blasphemy and explain the relevance or otherwise of this law Introduction Blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing open disrespect of God through display of inappropriate behavior towards holy personages, religious artifacts, customs and beliefs.

The connection between intolerance and blasphemy laws is closest when the laws apply to only one religion. In Pakistan blasphemy directed against either the tenets of the Qur'an or the Prophet Mohammed is punishable by either life imprisonment or death.

The blasphemy laws under the Pakistan penal code were introduced around Zia ul Haq, a military dictator, to protect the rights of the Muslim majority of Pakistan.

Blasphemy in Pakistan Essay Sample

Since then, these laws have been used to terrorize the minorities of Pakistan, particularly Christians. Blasphemy in Pakistan Essay Sample Every now and then from some dark corner of the country comes news about a prosecution under the blasphemy law. And every now and then an obliging district judge finding the person so charged guilty hands out a sentence of death.

Blasphemy in Pakistan | Essay Example