Essay on packing a suitcase

For the remake, Pavel has used my halved dimensions.

Essay on packing a suitcase

NYC is so good at so many things: How could it get the Black and White cookie so wrong? I had to do a little research. There are many recipes, but few details about the origin of this cookie and how and why it diverged into two totally different species. There is some confusion as to the origin of the black-and-white cookie and the sometimes synonymous name Half-Moon.

While the two names are often used interchangeably, there may actually be considerable differences between the two, most notably in the textures of the base and the icing.

When the bakery closed, the family sold the name to a local commercial bakery for the supermarket production of half moons, while the actual recipe remained with the bakery staff who opened their own bakery, Gingerbread Bake Shop, on Oneida St.

Half Moon cookie usuallyBlack and White cookie sometimes Cookie base: Vanilla cake or chocolate cake though a chocolate cake cookie can make the whole thing a bit too rich.

Buttercream for the white frosting, chocolate-y fudge for the black frosting. Both should be fluffy and applied rather thickly. One frosting should always be slightly taller than the other frosting. Favorite places to buy: One was eaten instantly.

I had planned to take two home one for me, one for Paulbut my flight was cancelled and I got stuck in the airport hotel for a night. Have you ever seen how the baggage handlers treat those suitcases? That poor cookie was smashed into oblivion in the outer pocket of my suitcase. Its fragile plastic container did nothing to help.

The cookie was mashed into the fabric of my luggage — little crumbles of cake and frosting that had turned into a delicious, light brown paste. It was not a dignified ending for the cookie.

Essay on packing a suitcase

Black and White cookie. A slightly lemon-flavored cake. Thin, smooth, shiny, and glossy. No strong flavors of vanilla or chocolate. The frosting sometimes wraps around the edges of the cookie.

A Cook Grows in Brooklyn has a modern photo-essay recipe that looks pretty. Bought in a bakery. Wrapped in cling wrap. That cake base gets stale fast.

Essay on packing a suitcase

Frosted on the bottom of cookie, not the top. Bought in a grocery store. This one should be accompanied by some insane laughter. Where did you find your favorite Half Moon cookie? Do you prefer the Upstate or the NYC-style?

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Just thinking about the process of packing a suitcase is a headache. Packing a suitcase is not so hard, especially when you have the proper steps to complete this task.

Packing a suitcase requires one to be How to essay How to Jump Start.

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