Informative gay marriage speech

Particularly in Africa and the Middle East where the Islamic law is held in extreme rigor, homosexuality is dealt with as an outright crime and is sometimes even punishable by death. Here are the worst forms of government-mandated punishment for simply being homosexual in different parts of the world. List of penalties for being homosexual where it is illegal is a reminder that not all parts of the world are as accepting of a gay lifestyle as others.

Informative gay marriage speech

Where is the Outcry? Over forty world leaders attended the rally in Paris. The rally represented a chance to honor those who died last week at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists to show support for freedom of expression and to stand up the in the face of radical Islamic terrorism.

Unfortunately all of these things were not important enough for any member of the U. Was Eric Holder even the appropriate person to send in the first place? Where was Barack Obama linking arms with world leaders? Where was Vice President Joe Biden?

Informative gay marriage speech

Where was Secretary of State John Kerry? Barack Obama was allegedly watching football on Sunday instead of standing up to radical Islamic terrorism. Nothing was listed on his official White House schedule on Sunday.

The United States government sent more representatives to the funeral for Michael Brown than it did to Paris to stand up against terrorism.

Talk about a stunning statement of priorities. Obama's absence is making headlines. As the leader of the free world and a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, this would be the time to lead the world towards greater peace and stand up for freedom in the face of terrorism.

Either Obama simply doesn't think it is important or he didn't want to take the chance that his presence would provoke backlash. Either way, it is very dangerous. Our own national security is at risk by his unwillingness to call the enemy what it is and to combat it head-on.

Our allies should be weary of our willingness to stand up for human rights and support them in their own efforts to combat terrorism. This isn't the first time Obama has missed the mark.

The day after the terrorist attack in Benghazi that left four Americans dead, including ambassador Chris Stevens, Obama made a statement and then jetted off to Las Vegas for a fund-raiser.

Also, Obama recently thought it was appropriate to make a statement about the ISIS beheading of James Foley and minutes later hit the golf course. He called the criticism over the tack of U. But what's missing from that title? When a white, especially a Jew, gets killed, it makes BIG news!

Informative gay marriage speech

STOP condemning these bloody attacks only. The Baga, Nigeria massacre should not be repeated. Where is the outcry when a 10 year old girl was used as a human bomb that alone killed over a dozen people!

And what of those kidnaped Nigerian schoolgirls? If you recall, nearly were murdered in April of in Baga. Where is the outcry? Be informed; write for our free anti-Islam pack. Our intent is not to add fuel to the flame, but to correctly identify the problem: God be with us all.

Please ponder this last item from the Hadith! You are greedy men. Is there no honor among you? There was one at her breast. Umayr removed the suckling babe and then plunged his sword into the poet. It can be found at our website, in the library section under Islam.

Since the crisis involving the Islamic State I. Deborah, being a California native, attended Sacramento State College. We both can testify that these places are where we got introduced into what is now termed "Culture Communism.

The military establishment must PAY for their involvement in Asia.Gay-Marriage. Religious people who believe that Homosexuals are bad, sinful, etc. Jun 22,  · I need a thesis statement on an informative speech about Same Sex Marriage?

Feb 28,  · Good ideas except for Gay Marriage. That subject would end up being a persuasive argumentative speech and she would like destroy my grade sense this is just informative. Any idea on what little points to do on Coming out? Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and Gay Marriage and a New Family Model Same-sex marriage (also called gay marriage or homosexual marriage) is the union of two people of the same gender. Gay and lesbian couples experience discrimination on both the personal and the legal level.

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We are Shim Ra Na, an intentional, international Spirit community. We are dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

We offer a wide selection of Aggressive Christian literature and witnessing tools for the serious disciple. All materials are . Homosexuality has a long way to go in the United States, but an even tougher, bleaker road to pass through in other parts of the vetconnexx.comularly in Africa and the Middle East where the Islamic law is held in extreme rigor, homosexuality is dealt with as an outright .

Gay Marriage Persuasive Speech; Gay Marriage Persuasive Speech. 9 September I am here to argue my case about why gay marriage should be legalised, so that one day I can marry the one I love. As Australians, we believe in equality don’t we? Equal rights for all, men, women, all races etc.

Yet, there is still inequality between.

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