My college canteen essay

It is a popular place with students and professors. This is the most crowded place.

My college canteen essay

Introduction - Our school canteen — Eatable in the shop — Canteen during the recess period - The confectioner -Conclusion.

My college canteen essay

A school canteen is an essential part of every school. It is an interesting place. The students encourage this shop.

Groups of school boys may be seen hanging about it. Jalil is in-charge of our school canteen. It is situated on the left hand of the school gate. It has two rooms.


In one room Mr. Jalil prepares the eatables. The second room serves as a dinning room. Jalil sells puries, pudding, lassi, hot and cold drinks. All the preparation are made in Desi Ghee. The charges are moderate. They are controlled by the school committee.

The Head Master often inspects the canteen. The in-charge of the shop cannot use vegetable ghee. He cannot keep stale eatables.

Fresh fruits of the season are also sold. The school canteen is a very busy place during the recess period. Every student goes to the shop. There is a great demand for hot puries and boiled grams.

Essay on college canteen

Jalil has an assistant boy. His dealings with the boys are fair and honest. The demand of every customer is met in no time. The confectioner is a jolly fellow.

He never loses his temper. He is an honest man. He gives right measures to every body. Sometimes the students get other things instead of what they ask for. He does not mind exchanging them. He receives his customers with folded hands.

He has a smiling face. At times he cracks a joke with the boys. But he is never impolite. He does not encourage his customers to buy on credit.Essay No.

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My college canteen essay

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Canteen is a place where you can eat and energized yourself. Canteen gives a service that worth for what students paid. A canteen must have complete facilities and good personalities of the staff.