Stevenson v mclean 1880

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Stevenson v mclean 1880

Can anyone tell me where this cemetery is, and if it is on private property. I would love to meet any decendants of the Cofer-Cox family. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I would love to see this cemetery. Most likely related to the Davis family. I know nothing of John or Flora's parents or siblings to date.

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I'd appreciate any direction anyone might give me to finding proof that John Monroe and Flora Jane were indeed in Yell Co. Lots of guesses and no certainties at this point.

According to what info I have he was born in and died in He was married to a woman named Ida.

Stevenson v mclean 1880

I don't know what her maiden name was or when they were married. Also I am looking for any info on a Madge Whala - the only info that I have on her in that she married a Preston Cantrell. Any info that anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

She had a sister, Grace and a younger brother, Jesse, who was deaf. She married her teacher, John Kelly Leach 2 July This is all I know. Any help would be great.

Evelyn Harris 04 July I am hoping someone will have information on the following names in Yell Co. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much. I am trying to find any information I can about Andrew and his death. I know his wife was Stacy and that they were married in Yell Co.

They had one son Samuel born in in Yell Co. Stacy and baby Samuel are listed in the Arkansas census in but no Andrew.

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I also know Stacy remarried in to an F. Martin, so I'm sure Andrew was out of the picture between andbut I don't know what happened to him. I did find their son Samuel in a census in Alabama with the family of F. Martin had a new wife. Any information you could provide me on either Andrew or Stacy Gilkey would be greatly appreciated.

William Sweeney 18 June I wish to contact whoever is in charge of Russell Cemetery about a grave marker matter. Can someone provide a telephone number? Stewart married to Mary Susan and his decendants - William A.

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They lived on Ola and Rover Rd. Any information will help.

Stevenson v mclean 1880

I am also looking for information on Mary Cromwell Stewart. Also, would anyone know the name of the school in Holla Bend, Arkansas, during the later 's?

Stevenson Jacques & Co v McLean () 5 QBD • The court held that Stevenson’s first telegraph was only an inquiry—a request for information —made . Acknowledgements: This work had as its genesis, the + names of banjo makers collected by Stu Cohen, and first published in the July, issue of Mugwumps magazine. My thanks to Stu for his continued friendship and encouragment. The catalyst to expand Stu's original collection, and to include not-just-banjo-makers, came in the form of a suggestion from Chuck Perdue, during a folklore. SCO_M__ Margaret DUNNIGAN F Margaret HARRIS F Ann Mary CHISHOLM F Margaret FISHER F Crosshill Elizabeth .

Marlene 18 June We have been searching for my g-grandmother. Her name was Alice L.Descendants of Robert Moseley of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Elbert and Putnam County Georgia, Dallas County Alabama and Bradley and Ouachita County Arkansas including Elijah Moseley, Henry Moseley, Eleanor Moseley, Eleanor Parnell, Alanson Moseley, Elisha Moseley, Benjamin Moseley, Silas Moseley, Lewis Buckley Moseley, Lewis Moseley, William A Moseley, David Moseley.

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This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Offer v Invitation to Treat. Stevenson Jacques & Co v McLean () 5 QBD • The court held that Stevenson’s first telegraph was only an inquiry—a request for information —made .

Stevenson Jaques & Co. v McLean () 5 QBD Contract – Acceptance – Telegraph – Postal Rule – Revocation - Offer Facts. The defendant, Mclean, offered to sell iron to the complainant, Stevenson Jaques & Co. The plaintiff sought specific performance of what he said was a contract for the sale of land.

Held: The appeal succeeded. In a case where a contract is alleged to have been made by an exchange of correspondence between the parties, in which.

Stevenson sued McLean for breach of contract and the issues before the court were to find out if; Stevenson’s telegram was an enquiry or was a counter offer. The court held that Stevenson was only making an enquiry and hence the original offer was still available to them which they later accepted.

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