The statistics of gun related deaths and the need for gun controls in the us

There were the six children, their mother and her boyfriend in Houston. The nine worshippers in a church in Charleston, South Carolina. The year-old mother of two in Indianapolis whose new husband shot her in the face 13 times. Email address The Canon Sent every Saturday.

The statistics of gun related deaths and the need for gun controls in the us

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Home to liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the most mass shootings in the world. America's unique relationship to gun ownership -- enshrined as a right in its constitution -- is also in the middle of an emotional and divisive debate about the meaning of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Twenty-seven words that give its citizens the right to own guns and also, in the views of many critics, helped usher in a culture that sees more of its own people killed by fellow citizens armed with guns than in any other high-income nation in the world.

Gun-related deaths unfold in tragic circumstances across the country daily, with more than 1, people killed by guns this year alone, according to Gun Violence Archive, a not-for-profit group.

But it is often mass shootings that reignite the debate over gun control in the US and that shine the spotlight on its position as a global outlier. Here's a look at how America's gun culture compares to the rest of the world. The number of firearms available to American civilians is estimated at around million, according to a National Institute of Justice NIJ report.

Read More India is home to the second-largest civilian firearm stockpile, estimated at 46 million. The most updated estimates -- now more than a decade old -- place the worldwide civilian gun cache at around million.

According to Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey, the number of civilian guns has most likely risen since Firearm production continues to proliferate worldwide, outweighing the effects that gun destruction might have. According to the Small Arms Survey, the exact number of civilian-owned firearms is impossible to pinpoint because of a variety of factors including arms that go unregistered, the illegal trade and global conflict.

Mass shootings in America are a serious problem -- and these 9 charts show just why Americans own the most guns per person in the world, about four in 10 saying they either own a gun or live in a home with guns, according to a Pew Center study.

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Forty-eight percent of Americans said they grew up in a house with guns. Yemenhome to the world's second-largest gun-owning population per capita and a country in the throes of a three-year-old civil conflict trails significantly behind the US in terms of ownership.

When it comes to gun massacres, the US is an anomaly. There are more public mass shootings in America than in any other country in the world. Armed with a rifle, he allegedly carried out a massacre that left 17 people dead.

Fifty-eight people were killed and more than people were injured. It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history. Inan attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando left 49 people dead.

InAdam Lanza went on a shooting spree in Newtown, Connecticut, killing his mother before murdering 26 students and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School; in32 people were killed in the Virginia Tech massacre.

The statistics of gun related deaths and the need for gun controls in the us

Such massacres have prompted debates about gun control, but they also increase demand for guns. And regulations covering the sale of firearms are looser now that they were a year ago. In FebruaryUS President Donald Trump signed a measure that scrapped an Obama-era regulation aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of some severely mentally ill people.

The original rule was part of a series of moves taken by the Obama administration to try and curb gun violence after other efforts failed to advance in Congress. Globally, restrictive gun laws have proven to make a difference in curbing massacres.

In Australia, for example, four mass shootings occurred between and After those incidents, public opinion turned against gun ownership and Parliament passed stricter gun laws. Australia hasn't had a mass shooting since.

The statistics of gun related deaths and the need for gun controls in the us

The US has one of the highest rates of death by firearm in the developed world, according to World Health Organization data. Our calculations based on OECD data from show that Americans are 51 times more likely to be killed by gunfire than people in the United Kingdom.

Most American gun owners two-thirds say a major reason they own a gun is for their personal protection, according to the Pew study. However, the majority of America's firearm-related deaths are attributed to self-harm. Gun-related suicides are eight times higher in the US than in other high-income nations.

Globally, the US sees fewer gun-related murders than many of its southern neighbors.In politicizing mass murders, gun control advocates, such as President Obama, insist that more laws against firearms can enhance public safety.

Over and over again, there are calls for common. Fact: The average sentence for a federal firearms violation dropped from 57 months to 46 months from to Fact: year olds commit over 23% of all gun murders. 29 None of these criminals are allowed by law to purchase a handgun, but the Federal government under Clinton rarely enforced this law.

Fact: During Project Exile in Richmond, Virginia US . "Firearm-related deaths in the United States and 35 other high- and upper-middle-income countries.", International Journal of Epidemiology Statistics among 36 countries between and (UNODC ) The Eighth United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (–).

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In fact, gun crime, like all crime across the US (and the UK, for that matter), is going down - you can see how much in the graph above. And the vast majority invlove firearms. About 40% of Americans say they own a gun or live in a household with one, according to a survey, and the rate of murder or manslaughter by firearm is the highest in the developed world.

There were more than 11, deaths as a result of murder or manslaughter involving a firearm in Sports and Recreation-related Injury Episodes in the United States, ; Increases in Medically Attended Nonfatal Injury Episodes Among Females in the United States; Deaths from Unintentional Injury Among Adults Aged 65 and Older: United States, Underlying Cause of Death; Web-based Injury Statistics Query and.

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