Unpacking an essay question

What was the political and cultural situation in Europe ca.

Unpacking an essay question

Critical analysis has very little to do with being critical in your writing. In fact, being critical can bring you completely undone!

Unpacking an essay question

What you need to do for academic papers is read widely, compare theories with theories, and theorists with theorists. Different writers may — and often do — have quite different ways of looking at the same problem.

The nature versus nurture debate is an excellent example. If one theorist proposed that biology was the only, or determining factor in human development, then a large part of the picture would be missing — that is, environmental, or learned, influences.

Your job, as a writer, is to identify the different theories pertinent to your question, and to evaluate these in light of research evidence. For example, there may be a number of prominent theorists who hold to a particular viewpoint. Their view may differ markedly from other theorists who have developed their own models to explain the question or concept under review.

You will need to explore the literature, and weigh up the research evidence, from which you draw informed conclusions. While you come to terms with learning how to critically analyse your research material — not simply describe it — there are some questions worth asking as you proceed.

How much confidence do I have in the study I have just read? What aspects impressed me?

Unpacking an essay question

Do other studies come to different conclusions? Germov, If you can address these questions to yourself during the writing process, you will be well on the way to developing and, most importantly, demonstrating your skill at critical analysis.

Developing an argument Your choice of words when constructing a sentence can add a great deal to how your work is presented. For example, if your task is to develop an argument, then you will be looking at two or more perspectives on your subject matter.

Making the different elements of your argument clear more difficult than it sounds to your reader can be as simple as starting a topic sentence or a supporting sentence thus: One way to attack this is to use opening phrases like: Essay questions are generally made up of three important elements: WordPress Theme built by Shufflehound.White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible.

Knapsack. By Peggy McIntosh. Through work to bring materials from Women’s Studies into the rest of the curriculum, I have often. Here are links to the full titles of the six May IB ToK Essay topics: Topic 1. Networks of knowledge; Topic 2.

The metaphor of knowledge development as natural selection.

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Oct 07,  · I have written short commentaries as introductory ideas for the 4 most popular essays: Essay #1 Essay#3 Essay#5 Essay#6 (added due to popular demand) I used the slideshow, attached below as PDF, as a stimuli to start unpacking the titles. A. Unpacking the Prompt and Introducing the Rubric (13 minutes) B.

Reading the Model Literary Analysis for Gist (15 minutes) C. Analyzing Content of Model Essay (5 minutes). Want to know how to 'unpack' your essay question, so that you know exactly what is included in the task (and what isn't)? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Unpacking a Statement to See What It Means 04/25/ By David Clevenger in Uncategorized Tags: Creativity, Grammar, Writing Leave a comment I’ve always thought the word unpack was used only to mean “to remove something from a suitcase, a bag or a package, for instance.”.

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