Write a cheque hsbc uae

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Write a cheque hsbc uae

Secure storage of cheque books Write down and keep the serial numbers of blank cheques as soon as you receive your cheque book.

write a cheque hsbc uae

Limit the number of cheque books you have. Keep your cheque books in a safe place. Choose to have your cheque books sent to your home by recorded delivery or pick them up at your branch.

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Don't hesitate to contact your branch if your cheque book is late arriving. Don't sign blank cheques in advance. Write your cheques with care for greater security Use a pen with ink that can't be erased easily. Don't leave any space in front of amounts in figures or in words.

Limit spaces between numbers and between words. Draw a single line after the amount and the name of the beneficiary. Don't cross anything out or write over anything.

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Don't alter any of the information written on the cheque. If the cheque has been filled in by machine, only sign it after you have double checked that the details filled in are correct.

Maximum protection when you pay by cheque Write the details of the issued cheque on your cheque book stub. Protect your cheque when sending it in the post by making sure you can't see through the envelope used. Choose unmarked and discreet envelopes. Voluntarily and willingly provide the beneficiary of your payment with proof of your identity Art.

L of the Monetary and Financial Code. Making this simple act a habit will help to provide better protection against fraudulent use of cheques.HSBC Malta offers a wide range of Self-Service machines which are spread around Malta & Gozo.

write a cheque hsbc uae

You can avail yourself of a range of services by using HSBC’s Cards. Our debit cards offer you immediate and easy access to your money. HSBC's Visa Gold Credit Card has all the Advanced Security Features and Convenient Services you expect from HSBC, along with excellent Rewards Programmes.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Banks: Advertisement If your bank is not listed in the printed cheque examples below, please visit here to get support for your bank. HSBC UAE personal banking offers a range of bank accounts with online banking. For more info check our official website.

1 RMB e-Cheque issued by corporate account are for use in Hong Kong only and are not for use in the Mainland China. 2 Support issue up to e-Cheques at a time. 3 Support upload one ZIP file containing multiple e-Cheques within 10MB (around e-Cheques subject to each e-Cheque PDF file size) or upload a maximum of 8 e-Cheques in PDF format.

Aug 30,  · 10 things to keep in mind when writing a cheque. Watch this video to learn the do's and don'ts before you write your next cheque.

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