Write a short paragraph on village life

Share Village Life Introduction: Village Life refers to the life of the people living as small groups in rural areas.

Write a short paragraph on village life

They cannot understand the charms of village life. The people living in villages lead a simple and peaceful life and majority of them are farmers or agricultural labourers. The village people are very hard-working.

Village life and City life Difference Between and Comparison

Early in the morning when most people in the cities and towns are asleep, village is awake and full of activity. The farmers are seen going to their fields with the plough and bullocks to till the land. The women tend to their cows and buffaloes and milk them.

When free from this work they cook food and take it to the fields for their husbands to eat. They also come to the village well or the river bank to get water.

They also tend to their household duties and clean and sweep their houses every day.

write a short paragraph on village life

Most of the houses in villages are made of mud. They are built in clusters with a common entrance at the front. In earlier times there used to be no water-taps, electricity or doctors to look after the health of villagers. But now-a-days most villages have electricity and water supply and health centres.

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Every village has a panchayat to settle the disputes among villages and also for preparing development plans. Most villagers are also for preparing development plans.

Most villagers are superstitious and worship the village deity regularly. If there is a wedding or some big function, various cultural functions are held and villagers can be seen wearing colourful clothes. Majority of villagers are poor and lead a hard life.

But they are simple, honest and are very happy as they have no worries and not many wants.Write mba essay Write mba essay Short essay on village life vs city life.

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Man made the city and Allah made the country is an old saying. Village life is really different from city life. Firstly, town life is a life of luxury and plenty where village life is vetconnexx.com

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