Year round schools and the effect they have on summer learning loss essay

Because the specific needs of a child may involve academic delays, behavioral issues, social deficits or a combination of the three, the overall effect of a two-to-three month summer break may vary significantly from one student to another. Parents and educators can consult with one another during an Individualized Educational Program team meeting to determine if summer break is advantageous for a child, and the team can also discuss programs such as summer school or day camps. Benefits of Summer Break Summer break can be a positive experience for many students with disabilities. The day-to-day work of a school day can be overwhelming for some students, and a summer break offers some well-needed time off in many cases.

Year round schools and the effect they have on summer learning loss essay

Year round schools and the effect they have on summer learning loss essay

Danielle Ward Year round schooling would have many benefits for students. It would limit much of the learning loss that occurs over the summer. The shorter breaks promote continuous learning enabling students to retain more of the material.

The need for review decreases, giving the students an opportunity to improve academically. Also students may be refreshed by more frequent breaks and do not get burnt out as easily. Stress levels could be reduced because the time in school appears to be less overwhelming.

Year round school is an advantage for students needing extra academic support such as students with learning disability, or special needs students. The intersessions provide these students with extra learning time so that they can catch up with other classmates.

Another benefit for students is that year round school may reduce boredom and fatigue brought on by long summer breaks. Teacher Benefits Year round school would also be beneficial to teachers. It is logical to assume that the way in which the schedule impacts the students may also have some effect on the way in which the teacher is impacted.


Benefits could also be improved salary and work schedule, a decrease in review time of pre-vacation material, and relief from burnout and stress. It is suggested that a year-round schedule allows teachers to pace themselves in the same manner that year-round students do. School and Community Benefits Year Round Education not only benefits teachers and students but naturally impacts the school and surrounding communities.

For many school communities, the most persuasive argument in favor of YRE is that it offers a cost-effective way of relieving classroom overcrowding.

A year- round schedule makes fuller use of existing facilities because it enables more students to enroll at any particular time. Thus, schools and communities can avoid construction cost by eliminating or postponing the need to build additional classrooms.

In addition to these perceived benefits some other speculated advantages of YRE are that it may decrease student dropout rates as well as juvenile delinquency and vandalism. This type of schooling may also better prepare American students academically so that they can be prepared to compete with other countries who are receiving more advanced forms of education through schedules like YRS i.Home > Education, News > The Year-Round School Debate.

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Year round schools and the effect they have on summer learning loss essay

As for teachers, they are not paid year round, the have 2 options for a salary, either A: in the 9 months school is in session they get paid a surplus each month to cover the break periods such as summer.

Technically, year round school will. Year-round schooling inspires strong reactions. Advocates argue, among other things, that it can stem summer learning loss, reduce teacher and student burnout, and help working parents manage. Year Round School Cynthia Blake Instructor: Rhonda Johnston COM/ Effective Essay Writing December 6, Year Round School No, more summer vacations!

This is the thought that comes to mind when you hear the words year - round school. Nov 22,  · Teachers who work at multi-track year-round schools, or schools that rotate student schedules so time off is staggered and the school is always open, have more work to do.

Teachers and students at year-round schools experience less burnout and they spend less time reviewing material since students don’t encounter essay written online the “summer slide,” or a loss of learning.

Around sublease vs assignment seven out of ten Americans (69%) use social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Eliminates summer learning loss: Since all students, no matter which part of society they come from, are enrolled in school for 12 months a year, there’s little time for anyone to have extra advantages over others.

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